Microcontroller meetup: Thursday, October 20

On October 20, 2016, there will be a meeting to discuss items of interest, including (but not limited to) Embedded Computers, PIC chips, Basic Stamps and Arduinos, at the Falls Township Municipal building, Room 205, on Business Rt. 1 about 1/2 mile north, after the Oxford Valley Mall, in Fairless Hills. The address is 188 Lincoln Highway, Fairless Hills, Pa, 19030, across the street from the Salvation Army thrift store. The meeting will start at 7:30 PM. If you need directions someone will be monitoring 147.300 (PL 131.8) or 147.090 (PL 131.8).

Generally, we are discussing PIC chips, the basic stamp, Arduinos, 8031, 8051, 68HC11, and a little overview about PLCs in an industrial situations. Again, the group will determine the direction to follow, but it seems the largest interest areas seems to be with PIC chips (www.microchip.com), Basic Stamp computers, and Arduinos.

For more information, contact Ed Wells (edwellsjr [no spam]@ [no spam]gmail.com).