Robot Class - hurry, sure to fill up quickly

Submitted by kc3bra on Fri, 06/13/2014 - 13:07

Yeah you've seen them at open house, you've seen them on the internet and here they are for everybody:


August 10th and 17th I'm holding a class to build and fight these miniature dueling robots. The cost is $150 per kit and I regret that I cannot offer a member discount as we are making next to no money on this. I priced it for maximum outreach. (Robotics can be a fun team endeavor, so find a friend and split the cost!)

Tickets are here:

So as this is not a money-making endeavor for Hive, I'm hoping it will at least gain us some attention, so spread this far and wide! Great for kids and adults, ages 6 to 666.