Oink Oink Pi Project

Submitted by kc3bra on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 08:50


Have you ever wanted to send a quick message to your HAM radio buddies
over the air but then realized you forgot your radio at home? [Troy]
created Oinker to remedy this problem. Oinker is a Perl script that
turns emails into audio.

The script monitors an email account for new messages and then uses
the Festival text-to-speech engine to transform the text into audio.
[Troy] runs Oinker on a Raspberry Pi, with the Pi's audio output
plugged directly into an inexpensive ham radio. The radio is then
manually tuned to the desired transmit frequency. Whenever Oinker
see's a new email, that message is converted into speech and then
output to the transmitter.

The script automatically appends your HAM radio call sign to the end
of every message to ensure you stay within FCC regulations. Now
whenever [Troy] runs into some bad traffic on the road, he can send a
quick SMS to his email address and warn his HAM radio buddies to stay
clear of the area.