Got a Raspberry Pi today

Submitted by Mark20 on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 19:16

After the last meeting I ordered a Raspberry Pi, SD card and WiFi dongle. They came today. Had a little issue getting it to display but the web came to my rescue. See my post in the Raspberry Pi forum.

Plugged in an ether net cable and it was immediately through the router and on the web.

Robot Laser Tag

Submitted by kb3gjt on Tue, 11/12/2013 - 12:37

Teams of autonomous robots and fortress elements attempt to knock each other out by scoring 5 hits on a set of 8 photoresistors per robot or fortress. Once a photoresistor has been hit, it cannot be hit again. There's a very restrictive budget limit for each robot to keep the competition accessible to the most teams. The first team to knock out all the opposing robots (but not necessarily fortresses) wins. A draft set of rules is attached as a text document.

Arduino LCD with key pad

Submitted by KB3LNP on Fri, 10/25/2013 - 06:35

I loaded some soft ware to my arduino had to make some changes to the program. The LCD I purchased uses different pins than the one in the program. How ever I was able to get the LCD up and running. And also the switches on the board which are select left right up down and reset.

I also was using a thermistor to create a thermometer. that was cool, I did not write that software I down loaded it. The sensor deals with resistance which you know the arduino deals with voltage that had to be converted over to degrees Celsius and the pan to degrees F. It worked out good.